From High Times "NY to Allow Medical Cannabis as Opioid Alternative"

Excerpt from High Times article “Gov. Cuomo Passes Law in NY to Allow Medical Cannabis as Opioid Alternative” by Mary Carreon September 26, 2018

In New York doctors can formally prescribe cannabis and patients are allowed to use it as a replacement for opioids.

As adult-use laws spread, people worry that medical marijuana will seize to exist. The opposite happened in New York on Monday, however. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that legally recognizes cannabis as a legitimate medical solution for pain management.

Earlier this year, NY’s Department of Health updated its list of qualifying conditions for a cannabis prescription to include opioid replacement and opioid addiction. Thus, the new bill now allows for substance-use-disorder treatment providers to recommend cannabis to treat pain instead of prescribing opioids. In essence, this new bill solidifies the Department of Health’s policy changes and makes a doctor’s script for cannabis lawful.

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